5 Non-Surgical Beauty Options for Breast Cancer Survivors

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month so what better moment to discuss five ways that breast cancer survivors can tweak their post-treatment bodies – without surgery – to feel great about themselves!

This treatment is tailor made for women who are taking Tamoxifen and have developed a dreaded, difficult to lose ‘muffin top’ and lower abdominal fat. Coolsculpting is an FDA approved technique which optimally targets love handles and belly fat via a cooling mechanism applied to the target areas for an hour. The treatment requires no anesthesia and no down time. The pockets of fat will undergo a 20 percent reduction in volume over the six to eight weeks following treatment. A second treatment can induce an even greater reduction in fat.

One of the frustrations of some reconstructive breast implant patients is that their nipples become flattened over time; many feel that flat nipples make breasts look unfinished! I've tried a number of techniques to resolve this problem, and Restylane injections to the nipple are hands down the easiest and most satisfying treatment. It comes from a box, requires no anesthesia, is instantaneous, and lasts for up to a year. Patients are simply delighted with the improvement.

Have your nipple and areolas faded over the years? A quick touch-up tattoo can be completed in under an hour and return your breast reconstruction to its optimal appearance.

For women who have noticed their eyelashes disappearing as a result of chemotherapy, Latisse offers a simple way to renew eyelash growth via a simple daily application. Get a prescription and watch your lashes grow.

It is always a good time to take care of your skin, but if you are finishing breast cancer treatment your skin could really benefit from some extra attention. I recommend a combination of glycolic products and TNS Serum (made by Skin Medica) for most patients. Combine these products with some microdermabrasion or a series of light chemical peels and your skin should rebound from any breast cancer treatment.

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