Breast Reconstruction is Not an Easy Choice

The New York Times Science section posted an article regarding breast reconstruction and I think that it is probably one of the most well forum and comprehensive of articles about breast reconstruction that I have read recently and particularly even the timing on the announcement of Angelina Jolie’s announcement last week which received much media attention.

The article very much balances the notion that breast reconstruction is a process which can, rather I should say, which needs to be performed with great consideration because breast reconstruction is unlike breast amputation and much more complex procedure.

The article does a great job really detailing how much progress is made regarding the breast reconstruction and covering all the choices regarding the breast reconstruction; while at the same time outlining the challenges that remain about it, too often particularly when breast cancer is involved, patients are confused that this is a simple process and similar to cosmetic reconstruction when in fact it is a much more complex process given because of the fact that you have to create breast gland and you have a limited skin muscle to work with.

On many levels it’s a timely article and very very helpful. I think the unfortunate part is that each of these articles that discuss breast cancer frequently speak to a very small audience. Too often patients may need it next week and don’t take the time and really read these details so that the information gets lost and has to be constantly repeated.


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