Breast Reduction NY Surgery Video

Question: Good Breast Reduction Surgery Video

Hi doctors.  I love your helpful postings here about breast reduction surgery. I am 23, live in Seattle, and thinking very seriously about reducing my breasts.  Do any of you have a breast reduction video that helps explain the surgery, recovery, scars, etc?  Thank You!

New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vickery Answers: Hello, attached is a video in which I review breast reduction cases. I hope it answers some of your questions and shows you a range of results and scars. In general, breast reduction is a very well tolerated surgery. Pain post operatively is well controlled with oral pain medication and some patients will only require Tylenol. By the third day post op, many patients are ready to get out of the house. The average time away from school or work is a week. Modified exercise can begin at four weeks and full exercise at two months. The remark I most often hear from patient's is “I wish I had done this surgery earlier!”

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