Diagnosed With Breast Cancer? Always Get a Second Opinion, Experts Say

By Dr. Leo Keegan


"Nightline" recently ran a story about the importance of second opinions featuring the Dubin Breast Center’s Co-Director and Chief Breast Surgeon, Elisa Port, MD, and Chief Breast Pathologist, Ira Bleiweiss, MD:

This cautionary story highlights a number of important issues for patients to consider when they are confronted with a diagnosis of breast cancer. First of all, I am in total agreement with my Mount Sinai colleagues Dr. Elisa Port and Dr. Ira Bleiweiss on the need for a timely and experienced second opinion. Experience and expertise count. A review of slides by an experienced breast pathologist can be accomplished expeditiously and would be time well spent. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient can proceed to consider her surgical options with more confidence,and if the initial diagnosis was in error, the patient would avoid unnecessary surgery and emotional trauma. Pursuing a second opinion for a patient's breast surgical and breast reconstruction options has equal validity.Patients should feel empowered to seek out opinions from experienced surgeons. Patients will be best served when they are provided the complete spectrum of reconstructive options by a plastic surgeon with experience in implant based reconstruction, autologous tissue reconstruction and microsurgical options.

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