NYC Surgeon Dr. Vickery Attends 2nd Dubin Breast Center Symposium

Video Transcription:
I had the privilege of attending and being on the symposium panel for the 2nd Annual Dubin Breast Center Fact vs. Fiction Luncheon. The Dubin Breast Center is the center at Mount Sinai Medical Center which is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of breast cancer in one place with all of the different physicians and modalities collected so that patients do not have to chase around to different areas of the hospital or the city in order to achieve both a diagnosis and treatment for their breast cancer.

It is a unique idea which was spearheaded by Eva Dubin who is a breast cancer survivor and felt that breast cancer needed to be treated in a holistic fashion so that the patient could have the optimal outcome. As part of this, the center is dedicated to informing the population about breast cancer and the current modalities of treatment. With that in mind, the Fact vs. Fiction Luncheon was created.

There is much written about breast cancer on an ongoing basis in the press, and this a unique opportunity with people associated with the Dubin Breast Center to hear the insider information and the real information about some of the facts that are presented by the press as fact by in fact remain controversial.

People that were invited to this luncheon included friends of the Dubin Center, the advisory board, patients, donors and other interested parties. The symposium was held in New York City in a beautiful setting, overlooking the skyline of the City on Park Avenue.

The panel consisted of the experts of the Dubin Breast Center and included breast surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, oncologists. In addition, there were doctors who were discussing environmental health risks and factors for breast cancer, as well as complimentary medicine and psychology of breast cancer. So it was a wide-reaching panel and the uniqueness of this opportunity to have all of these experts discuss the entire treatment of breast cancer is a tremendous benefit for the education of the listeners.

It was a privilege for me to be on this panel and I think that for the attendees they were able to hear the dialogue between, in my case, the breast surgeon and me, the reconstructive surgeon, about our decision making process.

Given that Angelina Jolie has been in the press recently, we directed our attention to the issue of nipple sparing reconstruction and Dr. Port reviewed for the patients selecting, patients who are candidates for nipple sparing reconstruction. It is often confused that everyone can have this procedure, but there are patients who have cancers which are close to the nipple and areola complex in which this would be a poor choice. We were able to explain between the two of us the advantages and disadvantages of selecting this type of surgery.

In addition, we were able to discuss the controversy of thick flaps versus thin flaps in the performance of a mastectomy. Again, this is insider information and isn’t well reported in the press but is critically important for patients in choosing surgery and ensuring that they have the optimal outcome long term. The conversation also talked about timing of surgery in regards to oncology and radiation and how they impacts the treatment options and the length of the reconstructive process.

I think anyone who attended this luncheon came away with a deep understanding of the complexity of successful breast cancer treatment and reconstructive treatment, and most importantly, they came away understanding that in order to achieve the best outcome, a patent needs to be with a group of physicians who work together to achieve the optimal result.

It is a privilege, as I’ve said, to be included on this panel and with such elite colleagues and I look forward to more of these educational opportunities in the future.

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