Q: Body Contouring vs Weight Loss

June 15, 2011
by Dr. Leo Keegan

Q: I'm 27 years old, I weight 260 lbs and I'm 5 ft even. I have tried all kinds of diets and some have worked. However, when I lose weight I usually gain a little bit more than what I lost. I have huge love handles at the front and back. Also, I had 3 C-sections so I have a big abdomen. Will liposuction, body contouring or a tummy tuck help me get rid of all this bulges of fat?

A: Based on your height and weight, your body mass index is in an unhealthy range. Before considering body contour procedures you need a comprehensive weight loss approach which may include diet and exercise as well as possible evaluation by a weight loss or bariatric surgeon. You will get a much better result if you are able to get your weight down to a more healthy range and then consider your body contour options.

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