Q: Can CoolSculpting be Used Around Knees Effectively?

April 15, 2011
by Dr. Carlin Vickery

Q: I am 5 foot 5 and weigh about 115 lbs. No matter how low my weight goes, I can never get rid of the fat located right above my knees. Can CoolSculpting be used on that part of the body effectively at this time?

A: Unfortunately at this time CoolSculpting is not ideal for the knee area. The limitation of this technique is that the machine needs to have a suction appliance that contours exactly to the body area to be cooled. Presently the device is optimal for the abdomen and the love handle areas. It is likely that in the future, the company will develop devices for other areas such as the arms and the knees. Stay tuned and in the meantime, standard liposuction to your knee area is very effective.

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