Q: How will I feel after saline submuscular implant surgery?

February 28, 2011
by Dr. Carlin Vickery

Q: I am considering saline submuscular implants. What advice or information can you give me on how I'll feel afterwards? How long until I feel back to normal? And is it a good idea to let the doctor make the final decision during surgery about what size would look most natural? (I'm 5'7", medium frame, 130 lbs, and currently a 34A.)

A: It is always important pre-operatively to be as specific as possible regarding your desired implant size. I always encourage my patients to bring in a number of pictures from the internet to show me what is their ideal size. You would be amazed how one person's idea of full cleavage is another person's idea of small cleavage. Pictures give your surgeon a reference point as she/he makes the final determination in the operating room.

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