Q: I Am A 38 J Breast Size And Looking To Have A Breast Reduction….

March 23, 2011
by Dr. Carlin Vickery

Q: I am a 38 J breast size and looking to have a breast reduction....I have been big breasted all my life........I was wondering if I go to a 38D size.......can that happen....get the size I want?

A: It is certainly possible that a patient who is a J size can become a D size after breast reduction. When I am discussing size with my patients, I take into consideration their height, weight, width of their shoulders (narrow or broad), and whether they have any excess protrusion of their abdomen. Rather than focus on a preconceived idea of a bra size (B, C or D), it is more important to insure that the breasts balance the rest of the patient's body. It would be a mistake to make a patient's breast so small that their abdomen becomes more prominent. Once I have discussed body type with a patient, we then discuss whether they would like to be on the bigger size or the smaller size. I don't find cup sizes an accurate description for patients as bras sizes are so variable. Instead I try to use adjectives to describe their desired breasts. It I am still uncertain about what is the patient’s ideal, I will ask her to bring me some pictures of her ideal breasts.

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