Q: Lower Body Lift – Better All at Once or Two Separate Surgeries?

June 1, 2011
by Dr. Leo Keegan

Q: I am 39 yrs. old and lost 70 pounds. I had a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon recommend for best results a lower body lift as opposed to my originally planned tummy tuck. So far I have decided only on the extended tummy tuck due to fear that the lower body lift is more serious. He also said that I could come back if I decided to in the future to complete the other areas towards a lower body lift. What's the difference between doing it all at once or seperately as far as safety? Recovery?

A: Doing it all at once is a longer surgery with more risks and a longer recovery. The advantage is in recovering only from one surgery. Breaking the body lift up into different stages allows each stage to be shorter and easier recovery, but you do need to have multiple procedures and a separate recovery period for each.

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