Q: What are the Differences Between a Breast Reduction for Men vs Women?

September 16, 2011
by Dr. Carlin Vickery

Q: Is a male breast reduction for gynecomastia the same as a female breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty)? How are they different?

A: In a male with gynecomastia, the " breast" can be all breast tissue, all fat tissue or a combination of the two. If the breast is all fat, then the surgeons may be able to reduce it entirely with liposuction. If there is any amount of dense breast tissue, then the surgeon will need to directly excise this tissue. In most male patients the difference between a male breast reduction and a female breast reduction is a question of the degree of reduction that needs to be achieved. If a male has significant breast enlargement with excessive skin, then like a female breast the reduction will require a skin excision as well as volume reduction.

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