Q: What Are The Most Common Complications Seen With Mommy Makeover?

March 21, 2011
by Dr. Carlin Vickery

Q: What are the most common complications seen with Mommy Makeover? Exactly how common is it to have complications from a Mommy Makeover?

A: The most common complications following Mommy Makeover surgery are related to small amounts of excess skin called dog ears at the ends of either your breast or abdominal incisions. Surgeons try to limit the length of the incisions relying on the patient's healing to redistribute some of the excess. At times, the patient's skin fails to re-drape and small revisionary surgery is required. Patients also may be aware post-operatively of some asymmetry between the sides of their body. If the asymmetry is significant, then additional correction may be required. Serious but rare complications can include infection, bleeding, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary emboli (blood clots to the lungs). Well trained surgeons are always vigilant about intra-operative and post-operative care to minimize any complications. Patients should always seek out a surgeon who operates in an Accredited Facility, is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and has experience in Mommy Makeover surgery.

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