Q: What Suturing Technique for Breast Reduction That Will Leave Me With The Least Amount Of Scarring?

June 27, 2011
by Dr. Leo Keegan

Q: What suturing technique for breast reduction that will leave me with the least amount of scarring?

A: Whenever you cut the skin you will get a scar and breast reduction surgery is associated with reasonably lengthy scars as a result of removing the excess skin, fat and breast tissue. Although the length of overall scar is an important issue, the quality of the scar is equally so and fortunately most scars will heal quite nicely. You will need to be patient however as the scars will change dramatically as they evolve over the year after surgery. Most plastic surgeons will use a multi-layered suture technique with fine sutures to lead to the most well healed scar. Unfortunately there is no magical technique.

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