Questions About Liposuction? New York City Surgeon Dr. Leo Keegan Speaks on the Subject

Video Transcript:

Liposuction, also known as suction assisted Lipectomy, is a surgical procedure that slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fatty deposits. It improves body contour and proportion, and in many cases can enhance someone’s self image.

As with any surgical procedure, there are going to be risks associated with it, and this is true with liposuction as well. Most of the risks fortunately are rather minor, and these can include small scars, irregular pigmentation, collections of fluid underneath the skin, and some changes in skin sensation. Perhaps one of the more signification risks would be some type of asymmetry or contour irregularity.

I look at liposuction as very much a complimentary procedure to lifestyle. It's not an either or proposition. If someone has an area of fat accumulation that's bothersome to them then liposuction can very effectively improve the contour. However, one cannot expect a significant change in weight by liposuction alone. So the procedure is complimentary to a healthy lifestyle, and I would always encourage an individual to exercise, eat well, and to get to as close to their ideal body weight prior to a surgical procedure.

One of the fascinating aspects of liposuction is that the recovery is rather prompt. Liposuction patients will generally be ambulating the day of their procedure. They will need to use some externally applied compression to help the skin contract to its optimum shape, but there's very little downtime. Pain is quite moderate and often does not even require any type of narcotic use. The patient can usually be back to work in three to four days.

Ideally the surgeon has evaluated the patient closely and made a determination that the patient's skin tone is acceptable to be able to contract after the fat is removed via liposuction technique. This is critical in determining the results after liposuction will be good. The ideal patient will have reasonably good skin tone and should not expect that there would be loose or hanging skin after removal of the fat. If in the estimation of the surgeon the skin tone is too loose, then other alternatives may be more effective than liposuction alone. The percentage of patients who come for consolation who are truly good candidates for liposuction is approximately sixty to seventy percent. Unfortunately the remainder thirty to forty percent have issues such as loose skin tone, stretch marks, where in my assessment the skin will not retrace nicely and they will need other alternatives such as skin tightening procedures, procedures such as Abdominoplasty or Thalys.

If a patient has good skin tone, has low plies areas of fatty cumulation, they will be excellent candidates for contour improvement with liposuction alone. It's only those patients in the preoperative assessment have significant degrees of skin laxity that I will make a determination that the aesthetic improvement would be improved with an adjunctive procedure.

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