Podcast: “New Technologies including Coolsculpting by Zeltiq” with Dr. Vickery

One of NYC’s top plastic surgeons Dr. Carlin Vickery discusses new technologies such as Zeltiq CoolSculpting, Gummy Bear Breast Implants and more.

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You are listening to Dr. Carlin Vickery of 5th Avenue Millennium Aesthetic Surgery

Well I would say the newest thing to happen within the last year is that the FDA has finally gotten around to approving the cohesive gel, or in lay terms, gummy bear implants that are such a boon to our reconstructive patients. It’s taken many many years, we've been involved in a study with these implants for over a decade and finally the FDA has approved these implants.

What is so important about these implants is that, besides the fact that they are not a liquid gel, they have different shapes and different sizes so that we can customize them for our reconstructive patients and get them an optimal results. And now we have, not only one company, but two companies that make them and so we really have a wealth of choices which we really didn't have before. Or the patients had to elect to be within a study which, actually our patients have been very good about doing, but it gives them a measure of confidence so that they don’t feel as though there’s an uncertainty and that’s really a boon for the reconstructive patients.

Every year, well on the cosmetic side, every year there’s some new gizmo, there’s some new laser, there’s some new higher uric acid, there’s some new cream and those come and go and I think all of them are enhancements and improve things but they aren't ever as earth-shattering as they originally are or advertised as.

Also within the last 18 months, Coolsculpting has been brought out on the cosmetic side. Again, I think the patients have embraced that, I think it has a great role within the plastic surgery practice. I think the patients satisfaction with it seems to be very high and for a non-surgical procedure I think that it delivers a result which patients feel is positive and particularly since it doesn't require surgical intervention there seems to be an ongoing continued interest in that and so I think that has been a real asset to the practice. I think that that will continue to get refined as time goes on and there will be other areas of the body where that can be utilized. I’m waiting for that so that we can treat arms and upper thighs, circumferentially somewhat better. We still don’t have that and I am looking forward to that.


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