Drs. Vickery and Keegan  offer a full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical procedures. In addition to providing cosmetic surgeries and skin care products, the doctors have always dedicated a large portion of their time to breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy. Our experience as a surgical team over many decades has attracted patients from all over the world.

Body Contouring

Drs. Vickery and Keegan   perform a broad array of minimally invasive body contouring surgeries that remove excess skin and fat from carefully selected areas of the body.

Breast Surgery

5th Avenue Plastic Surgeons have decades of experience with cosmetic breast surgeries, including lifts, augmentations, and breast reductions. Drs. Keegan and Vickery also specialize in surgical treatments for male gynecomastia.

Facial Surgery

Facial surgeries are highly customizable procedures, and the best results are achieved by experienced surgeons who have tremendous breadth of technique. Drs. Vickery and Keegan  frequently perform facial procedures using a wide variety of surgical methods, allowing patients to enjoy natural, personalized enhancements.

Non-Surgical Procedures

We offer an outstanding selection of non-surgical enhancements, including Botox and a complete line of products designed to optimize the long-term health and appearance of our patients’ skin. Most non-surgical procedures can be performed in less than one hour, and we are happy to ship skin care products to any address.

Breast Reconstruction

Post-mastectomy breast reconstructions have always been a major focus of our practice, and Drs. Keegan and Vickery  have been at the vanguard of new developments in reconstructive surgery. Drs. Vickery and Keegan  have pioneered innovative techniques for autologous, hybrid, and revisionary surgeries, and they are the longest-tenured microsurgery team in New York.