CoolSculpting NYC Video #2

Zeltiq CoolSculpting Patient Review

Video Transcription

I had some extra bulk around my stomach and my flanks that I felt would, with this CoolSculpting would sculpt this area. I got the feeling from Dr. Vickery that this would sculpt my stomach and my flanks and it wasn’t about like, okay this is my way of diet, like a Weight Watcher diet.

The day of the procedure I came in the office, the nurse took my measurements, of my stomach, my upper stomach, my lower stomach and my abs. She took post-op photos of the flank area. On this day I decided, that once I’m here, I’m going to do the 3 sections that day, because each section that you do takes one hour. So I said to Dr. Vickery, once I’m here, let me just do 3 sections at once, so I’ll be here a few hours. I basically decided, okay I’m going for it, let me just do the 3 sections.

So the doctor marked off my stomach with a purple marker, where the suction part of the machine was going to be placed and then the suction machine is placed into that area, and before they placed it, an ice cold sheet is on it first to make the suction machine like suck into the sheet. And then the machine, the first, I would say the first 2 minutes that the suction machine is starting to be, you know, vibrating, you feel like your stomach’s being sucked into a vacuum. That’s the best way to explain it. It’s like the first 3 minutes you have to do deep breathing of yoga to just get past the intensity of the machine sucking in and out. And then you just lay back on the pillow while the suction machine kind of, you don’t feel anything after that. You feel like a tightening is happening but you don’t, you’re not in any pain, you could be on your phone, you could be reading a magazine.

The day after, I really felt, it just felt like a numbness, you didn’t have any feeling in your stomach when you touched it. 3 few months after the procedure, I already took off 3 inches around the flank area. The first time I did 3 sections, the second time I did 1 and 2 weeks ago I just did the center part of my stomach and I would say, basically what I see is that it’s sculpted, my inches are down. If you exercise and you really keep on a certain diet, you’ll get the full benefits of CoolSculpting.

The experience of coming to Dr. Vickery and Dr. Keegan’s office for me, from the moment you walk into their office, there’s a lot of warmth and caring so you feel that you are in the right environment for any sort of procedure.