CoolSculpting NYC Video #1

Patient Receiving CoolSculpting by Zeltiq Video

Video Transcript:

Dr. Carlin Vickery: Hello, I’m Dr. Vickery, welcome.
Patient: Thank you.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: How can I help you today?
Patient: I’m interested in the cool sculpting procedure. I would like to reduce some of the fat, the pouch in my abdomen, and the muffin tops.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: The areas that you want are the areas between your belly button and your pubic area, in this general vicinity. Is that correct?
Patient: Exactly.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: OK. So, I’m gonna mark this area out.
[Dr. Carlin Vickery Voice over] During the procedure, the cool sculpting device will suck the fat layer into an appliance which will then cool that selected fat. The cells within that fatty layer will then selectively undergo a cooling process, which causes them to release mediators. Which then result in an inflammatory response that over a period of months will cause removal of approximately 25% of those cells. The results of the procedure should be permanent. Effectively, the 25% of cells will be permanently removed. A person does not grow new fat cells. However, if a person then gains a significant amount of weight, the remaining fat cells can increase in size. So, it’s important to maintain your pre-procedure weight to ensure a permanent result.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: So, it’s been about 10 minutes. How are you feeling?
Patient: Fine.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: Do you have any pain at this point?
Patient: Not at this point.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: No?
Patient: No.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: Was it difficult to have it put on?
Patient: Not difficult, but some level of discomfort.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: And how long did that last?
Patient: Like, one minute.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: One minute of…some discomfort.
Patient: Yes.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: But do you feel anything now at all?
Patient: No. Now, I’m starting to feel the cooling. It’s like freezing.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: It’s freezing. Is it uncomfortable or just you’re aware of it?
Patient: It’s a little uncomfortable, this part.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: OK. So, you ready to watch some television?
Patient: Absolutely.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: Good. See you in an hour.
Patient: All right.
Dr. Carlin Vickery: And you have this button if you need me.
Patient: OK. Dr. Carlin Vickery: Great.