The CoolSmooth Applicator

Looking for a non-invasive solution to feeling great about your thighs? Consider the CoolSmooth Applicator by CoolSculpting. The CoolSmooth Applicator is a unique, conformable applicator that shows proven, clinical results.

coolsmooth coolsculpting nyc

There is no other device like the new CoolSmooth Applicator. The applicator allows you to remove fat in the exact spot where you need it gone. This latest technology can suck out 20-30% of excess fat, without surgery. The most non-invasive solution yet for stubborn, inner and outer thigh weight.

One of 5th Ave Millennium Aesthetic’s plastic surgeons will simply place the FDA approved cooling plate on the appropriate fat area. The applicator is attached by straps and has adjustable wings to conform uniquely to your body shape. The applicator then reaches the perfect temperature for Cryolipolysis, without harming to the skin.

For now the CoolSmooth Applicator is only for inner and outer thigh fat, but other areas are currently under experiment.

For any additional information and to schedule a consultation, give our New York office a call at (212) 288-9800.