DIEP Flap Reconstruction

DIEP Flap reconstruction utilizes a patient’s own body tissue to reconstruct the breasts after a single or double mastectomy. In this procedure, the microsurgeon harvests lax skin and fat from the abdominal area, and uses that tissue to reconstruct the breast area. The abdomen is then closed in a manner similar to a tummy tuck. Unlike the TRAM Flap, which directly harvests the abdominal muscle, this procedure leaves the abdominal architecture fully intact.

The main advantage of DIEP Flap reconstructions is their long-lasting, maintenance-free results. Most patients are delighted by the outcome, which create symmetrical breasts with a natural look and feel. Generally, if a patient gains weight after a reconstruction, some of the weight will go into her new breast tissue, mirroring any weight gain in the opposite breast. DIEP Flap surgeries are usually performed as a single procedure at the time of the mastectomy, eliminating the expense and discomfort of additional major surgeries.

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