diep flap

Advantages of DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgery

The primary advantage of DIEP Flap reconstructions is their natural, long-lasting results. Most patients are delighted with the outcome of DIEP Flap surgeries, which create symmetrical breasts with a natural look and feel. Generally, if a patient gains weight after a DIEP Flap reconstruction, some of the weight will go into her new breast tissue, mirroring any weight gain in the opposite breast.

Another advantage of DIEP Flap surgery is that the results are generally maintenance-free, and the entire reconstruction occurs during a single major procedure immediately following the mastectomy. By contrast, patients undergoing an implant-based breast reconstruction may require an additional surgery 8-10 weeks after the mastectomy, and patients may also need to replace their breast implants every 10-15 years. DIEP Flap procedures, however, lead to durable outcomes that rarely require later surgeries.

Because DIEP Flap surgery harvests tissue from the abdominal area, patients who undergo these procedures may also benefit from improved abdominal contouring. Patients who undergo SIEA Flap surgeries, which utilize skin and fat from the abdominal region without disturbing the underlying muscle, may also experience similar improvements to their abdominal contour. As always, the results of these surgeries are highly dependent on the skill of the operating doctors, and patients are encouraged to conduct careful research before selecting a team of DIEP Flap surgeons.