diep flap

Are You a DIEP Flap Surgery Candidate?

Good candidates for DIEP Flap surgery are generally interested in achieving the most natural appearance possible in their reconstructed breasts after either a single or double mastectomy.  Candidates for DIEP Flap may also wish to avoid the additional surgeries that can be necessary for patients who select an implant-based reconstruction.  Other successful candidates for DIEP Flap surgery may have already undergone an implant reconstruction in the past, and either suffered from a failed implant or were unhappy with the results for another reason.

DIEP Flap surgery uses lax abdominal skin and fat to reconstruct the breast area, and patients must have  some excess tissue to be considered good candidates for the procedure.  Relatively thin patients who do not have enough excess abdominal skin for a purely autologous DIEP Flap surgery may still be excellent candidates for a “hybrid” DIEP Flap surgery reconstruction in NYC, which utilizes a breast implant to provide additional volume.  Drs. Vickery and Keegan possess the artistry and breadth of technique to customize breast reconstruction surgeries for each patient’s unique needs, and can help a patient select an ideal procedure based on her body type, medical history, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences.

As with all breast reconstruction surgeries, patients who wish to undergo a DIEP Flap surgery should ideally be non-smokers in good overall health.  The recovery process from a DIEP Flap surgery can be intense, and DIEP Flap candidates who are mentally and physically prepared to play an active role in their recovery process will generally enjoy the most successful outcomes.