diep flap

How to Find a DIEP Flap Reconstruction Surgeon

Successful DIEP Flap outcomes require an enormous degree of surgical skill, and the results of the procedure are highly dependent on the surgeons’ level of expertise.  Patients are always encouraged to conduct careful research when selecting a team of DIEP Flap surgeons.

The concept behind DIEP Flap surgery may seem relatively simple:  a surgeon removes lax skin and tissue from the abdominal area, and uses that tissue to reconstruct the breast area.  The surgeon, however, must carefully remove microscopic blood vessels from the abdominal muscle and reattach them to blood vessels in the breast area.  This is an extremely tedious procedure that must be performed with the aid of a microscope, and not all plastic surgeons have the microsurgical expertise required to perform DIEP Flap and other autologous breast reconstruction surgeries.

When considering DIEP Flap surgery, always look for a team of surgeons who are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  In addition to their certifications in plastic surgery, the best DIEP Flap surgeons have extensive training and experience in microsurgery, and can offer their patients a full spectrum of reconstructive options, including implant reconstructions, autologous reconstructions such as DIEP Flap and SIEA Flap, and hybrid options that combine implants with the patient’s own body tissue.

Because of the skill required to perform DIEP Flap surgeries, the best outcomes are achieved when two microsurgeons work together as a team, ensuring that the patient receives constant monitoring at the surgical sites in the breast and abdomen.  This team approach minimizes complications such as blood loss and deep vein thrombosis, and reduces the amount of time spent in the operating room.

The most successful surgical teams have years of experience working in tandem, helping to guarantee that their patients enjoy safe, durable surgical outcomes.  With 15 years of experience working together on breast reconstruction surgeries, Dr. Vickery and Dr. Keegan are New York’s longest-tenured microsurgical team, and they are the only male-female surgical team specializing in breast reconstruction surgery.