Breast Enlargement NY Patient Video #1

Here is a video of a breast enlargement case study by NY Doctor Leo Keegan.

Video Transcript:

This is Dr. Leo Keegan from 5th Avenue Millennium Aesthetic Surgery in New York City. I'd like to share with you an example of breast augmentation of a patient of my practice.

This patient is a forty six year old woman. She's a mother of two children, and she presented for consultation regarding a breast augmentation. After her having her children, she was unhappy with the descent of her breasts, the loss of volume of the upper pole, and she was interested in restoring the shape and volume that she had during her pregnancy.

You can see in the first photo, that the volume of breast tissue is predominately located in the lower pole of the breast. The upper pole has become quite deficient. The nipple areola complex has also descended slightly commensurate with the lower pole of the breast.

On the oblique view, you can see the bottoming out of the left breast and the absence in volume and fullness at the upper pole.

On the right oblique view, a similar finding with loss of volume, descent of the lower pole.

The patient underwent bilateral augmentation mammoplasty with the placement of smooth, silicone filled breast implants with a volume of 360 CC’s. The implants were placed in the sub-muscular position and you can see on this frontal view a very nice restoration of the upper pole fullness. The nipples have been elevated to a more normal position and she has a very nice, natural aesthetic result.

On the left oblique view, a beautiful shape of the breast mound has been achieved with restoration of the form and upper pole fullness.
The right oblique view confirms the symmetry between the two breasts, a nice elevation of the nipple areola complex and restoration of breast volume.

This is Dr. Leo Keegan, thank you for your review of this series of images.