Facelifts with NYC Surgeons Keegan & Vickery

Facelifts are designed to smooth out creases and wrinkles in aging skin, giving patients a more youthful, rested contour in their face and neck. Facelifts are highly customizable surgeries that may include a wide spectrum of procedures, including endoscopic, short-scar, and “mini-facelift” techniques.

Drs. Keegan  and Vickery have always selected facelift procedures that maintain the natural character of each patient's features, avoiding the stigma of "extreme" plastic surgeries. We understand that our patients lead full, busy lives, and our ultimate goal is to help each patient achieve a natural, refreshed look while minimizing recovery time.

Good candidates for facelifts generally have one or more of the following qualities:
  • lack of elasticity in the skin of the face or neck
  • deep lines or creases in the cheeks, in the middle of the face, or near the corners of the mouth
  • loose skin around the neck or jawline
Top plastic surgeons Drs. Keegan and Vickery regularly perform facelifts using a broad range of technologies, and they collaborate closely with patients to select procedures that are ideal for their preferences, lifestyle, medical history, and potential recovery time. Depending on the exact procedure chosen, facelifts may be performed on an outpatient basis, but many patients elect to stay overnight in our private recovery rooms, where they receive one-on-one overnight care from our specially trained nursing staff.

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