Nose Surgery at our NYC Facility

A rhinoplasty is a versatile procedure designed to reshape the nose. A rhinoplasty can correct a structural deformity, provide subtle changes in nose size or shape, or remedy breathing problems caused by a deviated septum. Plastic surgery New York Drs. Keegan  and Vickery work collaboratively with patients to customize rhinoplasty procedures, resulting in natural, harmonious outcomes that accentuate the patient’s native facial features.

You may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty if:
  • your nose has been damaged in an accident
  • you have difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum or other structural abnormalities
  • you would like to downsize humps or depressions on the bridge of your nose
  • your nose is out of proportion with the rest of your face
Drs. Keegan and Vickery have decades of experience with a broad spectrum of rhinoplasty techniques, and they individually tailor each procedure to achieve optimal results. Most rhinoplasties can be performed on an outpatient basis, but some patients choose to stay overnight in our facility, where they enjoy one-on-one care from our specially trained nursing staff.

For a consultation, call (212) 288-9800.