Non-Surgical Procedures

As skin ages, elasticity is reduced, wrinkles and creases appear, and overall appearance is compromised. Though many patients choose plastic surgery as a cornerstone of their approach to facial beauty, most patients benefit enormously from a broad, multi-faceted regimen that includes a variety of non-surgical enhancements.

Drs. Vickery and Keegan offer the following non-surgical options, all of which deliver outstanding aesthetic results when used as an adjunct to facial surgery or as stand-alone procedures:



Chemical Peels

Injectable Fillers, including Restylane and Juvederm

Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing and a Comprehensive Line of Skin Care Products

We understand that most of our patients lead full, busy lives, and all of our non-surgical procedures can be completed during a brief appointment, allowing our patients to return quickly to their normal activities. We also offer a full line of carefully selected skin care products, all of which are designed to optimize the long-term health of our patients' skin. Parking is plentiful near our facility, and we are also happy fill prescriptions for skin care products via phone, fax, or email.