Skin Care with Our NYC Plastic Surgeons

A carefully selected regimen of skin care products is a vital component of any successful approach to beauty and longevity. We take pride in supplying patients with outstanding products that can only be purchased from physicians.

We feature a daily regime from two of the country’s leading skin care companies, SkinMedica® and Kinerase®. These products are ideal as an adjunct to facial surgery or as stand-alone enhancements.

Our line of skin care products includes the following:
  • Moisturizers and cleansers designed to hydrate skin while removing dirt, makeup, and pollutants
  • Mists and masks, which can help to hydrate and energize skin
  • Glycolix Treatment Pads, designed to gently exfoliate while providing toning and astringent benefits
  • Retinol Complex, which contains Vitamin A derivatives that smooth fine lines and wrinkles
Plastic surgeons Drs. Vickery and Keegan   possess a wealth of knowledge about skin care products, and they specialize in helping patients customize ideal regimens based on their individual preferences and characteristics. We recognize that our patients lead full lives, and we are happy to fill skin care prescriptions via phone, fax, or email.

For a consultation, call (212) 288-9800.