plastic surgey new york

Our New York Plastic Surgery Approach

Outstanding plastic surgery is always the result of careful collaboration between a patient and his or her surgeon. Drs. Leo Keegan and  Carlin Vickery  have a combined experience of over 40 years in private practice, and they have always performed each surgery with artistic precision and uncompromising attention to detail. Because of their commitment to understanding patient needs, Drs. Vickery and  Keegan  have an unparalleled ability to customize surgeries to fit each patient’s unique circumstances.

Communication has always been at the heart of our success.  Top plastic surgeons in NYC Doctors Vickery  and Keegan always take the time to thoroughly discuss surgical options with each patient, ensuring that patients make well-informed decisions. This collaborative approach results in natural-looking enhancements that avoid the stigma of “extreme” plastic surgery.

Thanks to their expertise and flexibility, Drs. Vickery and Keegan  have achieved one of the industry’s highest success rates. All of our doctors are committed to a lifelong process of perfecting their surgical skills, and they remain at the forefront of new innovations in the field. Drs. Vickery  and Keegan possess unrivalled breadth and depth of technique, guaranteeing that patients enjoy safe, personalized enhancements that are ideal for their lifestyle, medical history, and personal tastes.