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Our New York Plastic Surgery Staff

We recognize that our patients lead busy, full lives, and our entire staff is dedicated to making every element of the surgical experience as seamless and convenient as possible. All of us are committed to providing an outstanding experience in our New York plastic surgery facility, beginning with the patient’s very first moment in our reception area.

During our 12-year history, we have developed an incredibly competent, personable, and tight-knit administrative team. Our staff works closely with patients to make scheduling, billing, and insurance filing as efficient and pleasant as possible. We also frequently fill prescriptions for skin care products by mail. Top plastic surgeons in NYC Doctors  Vickery and Keegan are considered first-class surgeons in the field and have over 40 years of experience in plastic surgery. New York visitors will be content to know that our staff is happy to assist with lodging and logistics for patients who may be from outside of Manhattan.

We have always taken enormous pride in the warmth and professionalism of our entire staff, and our personal touch allows us to provide an ideal experience for each of our patients.